Manifestation & The Law Of Attraction

Manifestation is a fascinating process. To start with every single one of us can do it. After all, we are all human beings who have this knowledge passed down to us through the centuries in our genetic code.

Part of that knowledge would appear to be about how we can change the world around us to manifest things that we want in our physical reality.

I suppose the thing that really gets me about this is the simple and straightforward awesomeness of it all.

When you think about it, it's absolutely astounding that we, human beings, puny and small as we are, in comparison to the vastness of the cosmos, have the ability to cause the universe to manifest reality in ways that we control.

At some level it almost doesn't make sense why did no other creature gain this ability? I think the answer to that is probably because no other creature at least as far as we know has consciousness.

Does that therefore mean that manifestation, and the ability to use the law of attraction, are products of the development of our neocortex, our thinking brain?

These are fascinating questions, for sure, and they're ones that deserve clear answers the irony being, that there are absolutely no clear answers to be had as to how manifestation actually works.

You see, the thing is that manifestation is the ultimate act of faith, that is to say it's the ultimate process of creation - and we know it works because we can demonstrate it with our own experience, but actually we have no scientific methodology or way of explaining it whatsoever.

Now in case you don't know what manifestation is, let's start with the definition.

Definition of Manifestation

Manifestation is the creation in the world around you of a physical reality which would not have come into being without your exercise of power and control through the use of the law of attraction.

Definition of the Law of Attraction

The law of attraction is a miracle that we are gifted with by the universe. It means that we can create reality by thinking in a particular way. In other words by using our neocortex, our thinking brain, in a particular way, we have the ability to shape the reality of the world around us.

And what does this mean in practice?

What it means is that we have more power than we can possibly begin to imagine. Maybe this is what Marianne Williamson meant when she wrote "our greatest fear is not that we are inadequate, it is that we are powerful beyond measure." Because the concept, the very idea, that we can actually shape reality by using our imagination, is almost too awesome for us to comprehend.

Perhaps that explains why so many people are skeptical about it, and have written such disparaging things about those who have sought to promote belief in the law of attraction and manifestation over the years.

And we can put the skeptics to one side. Their activities don't matter to us, because we are manifesters, we are destined to create our future, and we know that we can create our future.

I assume that everyone reading this website is looking for information about how manifestation can take place, about how we can create our future, and how we can change the reality around us.

So one of the obvious questions that arises when people talk about manifestation is whether or not there is a scientific explanation.

As I've already said, there actually is no explanation for manifestation since it's beyond our ability to comprehend, beyond our ability to explain, and certainly beyond our ability to understand.

Yet people continue to look for a scientific explanation probably because science is something that we have all come to rely on as a touchstone of truth and existence.

Yet science cannot explain manifestation. Science does not believe in manifestation. The proof of manifestation lies in many people's subjective experience, and of course subjective experiences are never taken as scientific proof of anything.

We fall back, yet again, on the simple fact of the matter: manifestation is an act of faith.

Now what is that mean in practice?

What it means is that you can only manifest when you believe in the power of manifestation.

Skeptics would say that this is a self-defeating prophecy, designed to exclude the possibility that law of attraction is wrong. Because when somebody tries to manifest something and doesn't do so, then the answer is simple: "You didn't believe firmly enough."

The irony of that, skeptical though it may be, is that it's also absolutely true. Yet the fact that it's true doesn't mean the law of attraction doesn't exist, or that manifestation isn't a reality. It means no more or less than the simple and obvious fact that for things to manifest in your world, you actually have to believe in the power of manifestation.

Furthermore, not only do you have to believe in the power of manifestation as a reality, but you actually have to believe in the fact that the thing you are manifesting or attempting to manifest, could manifest for you personally.

Now what this means is that people may need to lower their sights and expectations when trying to use the law of attraction to co-create their reality.

A classic example is that of people trying create great abundance and wealth and that's fair enough, for there's certainly no moral issue around the creation of wealth by using law of attraction tools.

The thing is, though, there might be a practical issue around using the Law of Attraction to create great wealth.

For example, do you really believe that you can be a millionaire within six months?

I think you might genuinely believe that, but I suspect it's rather more likely that if you're a beginner at the process of manifestation you certainly don't believe it to be possible.

And the truth of the matter is this: for most people, believing they can manifest a million dollars is actually beyond credibility. There's a very good video on the Internet, which demonstrates clearly how people need to try manifest something that fits in with their belief system.

What I know about this is that the amount people try to manifest often represents their aspirations, whereas the reality of what they could manifest probably represents their sense of self-worth. So if you're trying to manifest a million dollars, what you need to do is go "inside" with your eyes shut and consider how it feels when you think about this is a goal.

The slightest degree of incongruity between your goal and your experience of your internal feelings about what's realistic for you means that your goal will never manifest in a million years.

So my suggestion to you is that you set targets for manifestation that you can believe are achievable.

The way I see this is that as long as you're setting goals that you can't actually believe are achievable, you're not going to have the energy to propel them into reality you simply don't believe in them. I mean, why would they ever manifest if you don't believe in them?

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The Law Of Manifestation, The Law of Attraction
By Alison Stormwolf

Manifestation is where dreams become real. It is our magic key to the kingdom of achieving our dreams. We can choose to learn how to become conscious creators.

There is a law operating in the universe that is SO amazing in its potential that we could be surprised to discover we are using it every day without even realizing it (although often in the wrong way, which is called creating unconsciously)!

We need to know that we manifest all the time. We are constantly creating and shaping the world around us by our thoughts and beliefs.

"The universe supports the reality of your beliefs absolutely.
When you believe you must struggle for abundance, then it will bring about situations that are conducive to struggle; when you believe you cannot experience love without pain, the universe will give you exactly that - love with pain; when you believe it takes time for an illness to heal - then so it will. There is not a single force opposing you, there is only ONE force supporting you absolutely. It is called LOVE, the force that birthed you, that created you in its own image. This love is so magnanimous it will give you exactly and absolutely whatever it is that your reality entails. Change your beliefs and you change your reality."



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