Goal Setting And The Law Of Attraction

One of the interesting things that Steve Pavlina talks about is what he calls the cause-effect versus the intention-manifestation model of goal achievement.

I don't think this is as complicated as it might sound – let's have a look and see what he's talking about.

When we set a goal, we generally think that the goal is the outcome, and the task is to identify a creative method of producing that outcome.

In other words, to apply the laws of conventional cause-and-effect what we doing.

But Steve says that we mostly misunderstand this model of making a goal a reality, because we don't know what a cause actually is.

That sounds crazy, doesn't it? Because almost everyone would actually say that they knew what cause was: a series of events that lead up to a particular outcome.

I mean if you're going shopping you know that you have to do certain things to have an outcome of being in a shop purchasing goods: you have to plan what you want to buy, you have to find the money, and you have to get to the shop. Seems obvious, doesn't it?

Well, how about taking the view that within your own consciousness, the actions are themselves some kind of outcome of previous activities?

That makes perfect sense to me, because every single thing that you do or say, including of course the things that you plan as part of an action step towards achieving some other outcome, are themselves the outcome of some previous process.

In the case of thinking about your intention to go to the shops, your thought is itself an outcome of the intention to go to the shops, which is itself the outcome of an intention to make up some deficit in your supplies, which is in itself the outcome of some sensory input telling you that you need to get, acquire, or experience something.

And so it goes on, in an endless series of backward steps, each of which is the outcome of previous causes.

So I suppose the question that ultimately arises from this logic is when we are manifesting, where does the original thought or intention come from that causes the chain reaction of subsequent intentions the result in the manifestation of particular outcome?

And Steve Pavlina is very clear that it ultimately comes from our conscious decision-making ability.

Now a lot of people who set goals and achieve them will say that the subconscious is the dominant an important force in goal achievement.

And I think in many ways they would actually be right, although the concept that actually the the conscious mind might be more powerful force in the subconscious mind is quite a radical way of thinking in this area.

Steve says that missing the distinction between the origins of consciousness and intention in cause-and-effect has led to many failed goals.

Specifically, he says the most crucial aspect of goal setting and achievement is the decision to manifest something. And even if that something appears to be beyond your control at the moment, it doesn't really matter if you can't see the steps involved in getting between cause-and-effect. The reason for this, says Steve, is that most of the resources that you need to get from your intention to your outcome will come as he puts it "online" after you've made the decision to manifest something.

On the basis of this, he saying that manifestation and the law of attraction have some simple but essential stages which is necessary to understand: first and foremost of them is to decide to manifest something.

Obviously you need to decide what it is you're trying to manifest before you start trying to manifest it! But I think the point is getting at is that a clear decision is absolutely essential for carrying out any plan of action, and that would imply to anything that you do, regardless whether you are using the Law of attraction to manifest it or whether or not you're just doing it from conscious intention.

To quote Steve on this: "It blows my mind that people think that something else has to come before the decision. People waste months trying to figure out, 'Is this goal possible?'"

Of course it makes a lot of sense to actually start trying to figure out if you can achieve something if your level of consciousness is lower than the level that it needs to be to sustain belief in the possibility of your outcome manifesting.

Indeed, if you believe that it is necessary to have the capacity to hold complete faith and conviction in your ability to manifest something, then figuring out whether or not you can achieve a goal was probably necessary.

But even then it doesn't take months to do it – it needs to take no more than a few seconds of introspection, and if you figure out that it's beyond you, then you can lower your objective to a level which you can sustain belief in.

In other words the something going on for people who are procrastinating or prevaricating: in my judgment what they're probably doing is avoiding facing their fear or self-doubt.

Yet either of those qualities are easily dealt with – fear by taking action, and self-doubt by assessing what it is that you do believe you can achieve.

Certainly if you're thinking about the reasons why you can't manifest something, or shouldn't manifest something, or will have difficulty manifesting something, then it's almost certain that you are going to actually manifest evidence to support your thoughts (in this case that the goal might not be achievable).

And of course the lack of commitment that you yourself experience in relation to your goal is not just sense by you, but it's actually sensed by the universe. If you feel somebody is talking about an objective they have in a way that sounds unconvinced, or doubtful, or dubious, then you can almost be sure that the universe itself has heard that indecision and has produced weak or ineffectual evidence that they can achieve it.

And certainly other people who hear that kind of self-expression will probably avoid somebody – I mean who wants to waste their time on a person who is not committed to an outcome?

So when you sensed total certainty in somebody who is trying set and achieve a goal, you're much more likely to be engaged in the process of working with them, and you're much more likely to be supportive of them.

The lesson of this is actually simple!

When you want a goal to manifest, you are not going to be indecisive or hesitant about it. Instead, you're going to be one of the small number of people who actually demand from the universe very clearly what it is that you want. In fact you are actually instructing them by saying something along the lines of "here is my intention. Make it so." And the more energy that you impart to this instruction, more likely it is to develop as a reality in your life.

Now that's simplistic, and pretty obvious in some ways, but nonetheless it is necessary to emphasize these points for people who are not accustomed to goalsetting and may not actually experience much success in manifesting what they want.

So in case you're in that category, another observation is that you need to in end your goal to manifest in a way that really represents the best for all concerned.

Why? Simply because goals that are constructed from a position of fear, or from some kind of sense of lack or want, tend to be delivered with contamination that reflects those qualities.

You will have observed that the universe may well respond to your requests, but that it may well do so in a way that reflects your intentions and more subtle motivations.

What you can expect to happen after you've declared your intention to the universe is for synchronicity to start happening, for coincidences to develop, and for suspicious circumstances to start showing up after around 24 or 48 hours.

The synchronicities can be surprising, completely novel new, or they can be some reflection things that you've never noticed before that have been in your environment for quite some time.

It's impossible to say what or how the synchronicities will be or how they will appear in your life, but you will certainly recognize them when they come because they are always quite jolting. It's almost like the universe is sending you a clear message saying "Yea, here I am, this is how you do it".

Now the planning of your goal's achievement comes later.

In fact, Steve says that he puts his plans together for achieving goal after number of resources manifested in his life. That's an interesting approach that I'm not come across before, because he saying that he is only beginning to form a plan of physical action steps when he can see how all the resources that have arrived actually fit together, and how they may help him achieve his goal.

In addition, he is also saying that if the steps that seem incumbent upon the resources that arrived appear to be too complicated or challenging or difficult, then he's actually going to put out another intention to the universe, asking it to make it all simpler for him.

This intention for synchronicity is to arrive that will simplify the approach usually works well!

He also makes the observation that for some approach to achieving the goal to be simpler, there's presumably some personal block that he needs to overcome, or perhaps some new skill he has to learn…

In any event, what he's saying is that he needs to be open to trusting this approach, even if it seems to present him with unusual ways to achieve his goal. He sums it up by saying "I get what I intend, but not always what I expect."

I think what he means by this is that when the synchronicities begin entering his life, he doesn't always understand how they can possibly be part of his pathway to achieving his goal.

And, at the same time, he knows that there is a cosmic intelligence at work, which needs to be trusted because it is working for his benefit will bring about the outcome that he desires. Sometimes the problem is that his awareness needs to be raised to a new level.

And just to make this clearer, gives the example of what you might come across if you are declaring an intention to be wealthier, to manifest money using the Law of Attraction.

He says that after declaring an intention to become wealthier, you might see all sorts of synchronicity is related to spirituality entering your life, perhaps appearing to have nothing whatever to do with wealth creation.

And naturally enough, you might conclude that this is just coincidence, that the approach you've adopted isn't working but in actual fact this approach really is sound, and almost certainly is in fact working – what the universe is telling you in situations like this is that you probably need to improve your level of spiritual consciousness and awareness.

The important message take away from all of this is that a particular attachment to a particular method, or "how" – that is to say a manner of achieving your goal – can block you from allowing the gold manifest easily in your life.

It is necessary to loosen up a bit on the how and just allow the manifestation to occur in its own time. Doing that will make achieving your goals and outcomes far more easy.

So the power of intention is absolute in goalsetting – and end the problem that this raises for us is that every single thought is actually real intention – so when you experience any level of conflict internally about whether or not you going to achieve a goal, you are actually both setting it and canceling the setting of it.

Doubts, hesitations, self-doubt and doubt about the universe is ability to provide will inevitably interfere with the ease with which the goal can appear in your life.

By contrast, absolute congruity about what you're trying to manifest in the beliefs and thoughts that you hold in your mind will lead to a goal manifesting very quickly indeed.

Not believing in your ability to manifest something as a sign of weakness, and of course when you feel we can turn you manifest weakness in the world at large.

Projecting your power onto other people or situations is not a good recipe for success, in fact it will actually leave you personally feeling weaker, leaving you deprived of the possibilities that you might otherwise be able to embrace easily.

So in essence this is the recommended technique for goalsetting is simply to say your goal out loud clearly and simply and straightforwardly, perhaps adding the condition that achieving your goal was for the greatest good of the greatest number, or the greatest good of all concerned, and then instructing the universe to "make it so".

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