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If youíre tired of endless repetitions of hard physical exercises at the gym, and if youíre looking for a way to lose weight easily and quickly, and if you want to increase your social and sexual confidence, then the Adonis golden ratio is probably the best way to do it. Check it out here.

What this is all about ó because you might have noticed this amazing program has swept the Internet in the last 18 months Ė is achieving greater success than any other body conditioning, weight training, and fat loss program in the history of the world.

And itís designed and written by John Barban, who has track record in this area ó with his amazing program for women, the Venus factor.

The Adonis golden ratio from men is a program that is designed to do from men exactly what the Venus Factor did for women Ė That is to say, it offered them a route to fitness, fat loss, weight training, conditioning, and basically getting an ideal body shape. You can see the kind of thing that I mean here.

 Now if this were possible from men, to do just as easily as women, wouldnít that be something?

Thereíll be no more tedious exercise in the gym, no more weight training, no more exhaustion, no more tiredness, no more danger of injury, no more risk of of training Ö the list goes on and on, and not least of that, is the advantage that you donít have to spend a great deal of time doing this.

No, you donít have spent a great deal of time, because the Adonis golden ratio offers you a ready-made tailor-made system that will help you to lose weight quickly, count your calories effectively, perhaps lose 10 pounds in 12 weeks, trim your body into shape that you wanted to be, and establish greater sexual and social confidence than you could ever have imagined possible.

 I know Iím commenting about compelling picture, I know the reason that this compelling picture will help you is because if it influences you to buy the Adonis Golden ratio, and frankly you have bought into the most useful thing you could possibly ever have imagined.

 You see, weight loss and that loss, body conditioning, muscle toning and exercise need not be a problem. They need not be demanding. With the Adonis Golden ratio, you get an application that will count your calories, write out your exercise program, check your progress, and generally give you the support you need to achieve success with your goals and objectives.

 So yes I do recommend the Adonis Golden ratio, and one of the primary reasons why is because it is easy, simple and quick. Itís a slightly silly name, but if you know the history of bodybuilding weight training, repetitions and muscle exercises in the gym have given way to a more sophisticated form of body sculpting that relies on the classic ratio identified throughout nature that is supposed to represent the ideal proportions of one entity to another.

 In the case of human body, the golden ratio is the proportion of the male shoulder with the male hip width and itís a ratio of about 1.6. Now very few men have this, but the more you can work towards it, the better youíll be, both in terms of your own confidence, and in terms of the impression you make people around you.

 You see, one of the things that impresses and attracts women is a man who has a muscular and male body shape ó and although you may consider that the definition of muscular and male body shape are somewhat arbitrary, the fact is that the golden ratio has a great deal to do with it.

 Now you are never going to achieve the Adonis Golden ratio, or the Golden index, if you have a roll of fat belly hanging over your pants waistband. So the first thing that you need to address is getting rid of fat around your waist, before you even start thinking about muscle conditioning and getting ripped.

 Which is why you need Adonis, a practical system for calorie counting, controlling your food intake, controlling the level and amount of exercise you do, and generally finding a way forward to achieve your objectives in terms body sculpting and fitness levels.

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