Manifesting Better Relationships

Bizarre though it may sound, if you have split up with a partner, and you want to get back together, then itís possible to do this with the help of text messages!

Now you might be wondering what on earth this is all about, I wouldnít blame you if you were, because most relationship advice is predicated on the assumption that you need sound psychological principles, perhaps the help of a psychotherapist, and almost certainly the presence of your partner in the same room!

In the case of getting back together with your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend my use of text messages, none of the assumptions in the paragraph above are correct.

Astounding that may seem, Michael Fiore has written an entire program about how to get back together with your ex-partner using text messages. Now I will allow that you have to have a very clear desire to get back together with your ex-partner, and to an understanding of why you want to get back together ó for example, if this is just about ego, then this is not going to work.

On the other hand, if youíre sure that you made a terrible mistake, that your life is could be desolate without your partner, and you want him or her back for all the right reasons, then text your ex back can offer a surprisingly practical way of getting back together ó Even though it doesnít mention the word psychology or psychotherapist anywhere in the entire 756 pages.

Sorry, Iím exaggerating, there arenít to 756 pages in text your ex back, although they might as well be because you get huge amount of information of incredible value when you buy into the program.

However, joking aside, what youíre getting with text your ex back is a complete program of escalating messages ó that is to say escalating in terms of intimacy, not escalating in terms of your ability to store your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend!

By starting with simple messages which convey good feeling but in a very adult way (adult in the sense of transactional analysis, that is to say), then you are actually going to get their interest, and once you got their interest, you have a platform from which to build greater and greater intimacy.

Now this may sound manipulative, but I can assure you that itís actually how most relationships form anyway ó you need somebody, you establish some common ground, and then as time goes by you build greater and greater intimacy, by exchanging more and more confidences and revealing more and more about yourself to your partner.

In the case of text your ex back, things are no different: you go through a series of gradually increasingly intimate messages which you can send by text: this is a truly modern form of communication, and it represents the way in which many people communicate with their partners anyway, so itís hardly a form of communication that weíre not used toÖ.. And fortunately for you, Michael Fiore provides a completely comprehensible and straightforward series of text messages of gradually increasing complexity, So that you know exactly where you are a program, what to do, and how to do it at any one time.

Now you may still be finding a slightly ludicrous, and perhaps slightly improbable, because the idea of relationship restoration without the intervention of a relationship therapist is certainly a new concept to many people ó so all I can say is please give it a try, donít write it off without trying it, and at least get the program so that you can read all about it.

Finally, itís worth mentioning that text your ex back doesnít have to be a program for use only in a situation where youíre trying to restore a lost love ó because in actual fact, text your ex back can also be used to introduce a new spark of excitement and connection with an existing partner where your relationship has gone a little bit dull. How fantastic is that?

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