Manifesting Money (3)

And so, like I said in the last post, Steve Pavlina turned his million-dollar experiment into a group experiment, almost immediately after he'd set the experiment up.

He appears to have done this because a lot of people expressed interest in joining in the experiment; he said "I have an even better idea. Why not turn this into a group project, aiming to manifest wealth and abundance for everyone who wishes to participate?"

So that's what he did using the power of intention as a group, where each person in the group was intending for everyone else in the group to become a millionaire.

Now some of you who have been interested manifestation for a long time will know that there has always been a recommendation by experts in this field to use something called a mastermind group.
Anyone who facilitates group work will know that the power of the group is considerably greater than power of the individual working alone.

What's not entirely clear is how a mastermind group works, but it's certainly something about the combination of energy that forms in a group, when everybody is working towards the same intention.

Nonetheless as soon as I read the fact that Steve was turning his million-dollar experiment into a group experiment, I did wonder whether or not there would be sufficient mutuality to support the project.

What I mean by this is that people are disparate and disconnected on the Internet, most of the people in this experiment will never know each other or meet each other, and indeed, it's hard to imagine why they might want to manifest million dollars for other people in the experiment who they never met or, more accurately, even if they do wish to manifest a million dollars, I wonder how they would find the motivation to do it when they didn't know the other people in the experiment.....

I hope that's clear! I think what I'm saying is that group work in a dynamic of people who know themselves and each other intimately will always be far more powerful than a group process which is done over the Internet.

For one thing, incongruent and negative thoughts such as "it won't work" are hard to monitor and dispel, and it's hard to see that people who join the experiment as a group would find the motivation to keep going if they became despondent or discouraged.

As Steve himself says, quite correctly, "every thought is an intention", and what I take this to mean is that if any number of people in this experiment became discouraged and started sending out negative energy, then the whole value of the experiment would be diminished, the force of energy available for manifestation would be diminished,  and the project would probably not succeed.

So you see, I have my doubts, but even so it's interesting to read in the posting question what happened.  How version 2 started and the results  of this manifestation experiment are described here.

The new intention that Steve formed for everybody taking part in the experiment was as follows: "In an easy and relaxed manner, in a healthy and positive way, in its own perfect time, for the highest good of all, I intend $1 million to come into my life and into the lives of everyone who holds this intention."

But I wonder actually whether or not it is possible to form an intention to bring $1 million into somebody else's life. I have always understood that the purpose of manifestation needs to be entirely personal; of course you can specify that the universe should manifest things in a way that is for the benefit of all concerned, but ultimately, I don't believe that you can actually manifest money for somebody else.

On a metaphysical level, I believe that you can influence the future reality that comes into your life on a purely personal level, but that you cannot, and perhaps even should not, try to influence the outcome of manifestation for other people.

There are many reasons why this should be, but first and foremost among them is that you are not in control of other people's destiny, and when you try manifest things for other people you are effectively taking their free will and choice away from them.

So let's see what happened with the million-dollar experiment version 2.

Steve formulated the opinion that if you manifest $1 million in his own life you can "share the wealth" by assisting other people to generate more money and bring it into their lives, and also at the same time develop a deeper understanding of what wealth creation actually means. This would have allowed Steve to teach it to other people.

Now this seems very interesting because you would think that those motivations would help him to manifest a million dollars, but again, you might also be right in thinking that the motivation for other people to generate a million dollars would be equally personal. So there really are some fascinating issues here around this manifestation experiment.

I come right up against the fact that Steve states near the beginning of his post about the second version of the experiment that this transformation into a group experiment for the benefit of everyone who chose to participate was actually one of the first manifestations of the original experiment.

While I'm not arguing with that, and I know the universe moves in mysterious ways in producing reality around people's intentions, I do note with interest that Steve interprets this as a group dynamic of everybody working together in harmony.

What, he asks, will happen if we get hundreds or even thousands of people all focusing on the same intention, with everyone focused on attracting greater abundance for the highest good of all?

Well! He said he was damn curious about that, and so am I!

Of course there would have been some interesting issues had one person in the experiment succeeded and all the others failed. And it's interesting to speculate about the possibility of what would happen if even a handful of people genuinely directed their energy to support others in manifesting great wealth.

This goes against some aspects of human nature. Although altruism is a much lauded quality of the human condition, it's also somewhat rare to find somebody who is genuinely altruistic most so-called altruistic acts actually appear to be processes which are conducted by an individual for their own gratification.

So having said all of that, I'm still open the possibility that there is some kind of superconscious or group dynamic power at work which would enable people to manifest a million dollars more easily in this kind of experiment than if they were working on their own.

Regrettably, the total amount manifested by the million-dollar experiment was around $5 million - and that was with hundreds of people taking part.

Let's see what Steve has to say about it.

The goal of this experiment, let us not forget was to generate $1 million of additional wealth for each person who decided to participate.

So the intention was very clear: "In an easy and relaxed manner, in a healthy and positive way, in its own perfect time, for the highest good of all, I intend $1 million to come into my life and into the lives of everyone who holds this intention."

You see that that's actually really clear it implies $1 million coming into the lives of everyone who takes part in this experiment.

The instructions were to spend some time every day thinking about this intention, reciting it, posting it on the wall, singing it expressing it, visualizing it happening, meditating on it, discussing with others

And indeed putting the energy out in any other form in which a person could "make it so". Steve also added the instruction that his participants didn't have to do anything physically unless they felt intuitively guided to it, and they should allow the universe to handle the details of how this money would manifest.

The minimum level of participation specified in the instructions for anyone wanting to take part in this experiment were to think about the intention for one minute a day. Phenomenal! And so it would have been if anyone had achieved it.

As Steve said, of course they were free to do more, but it doesn't really appear that anybody did, because if you look at the results page, what you find is that generally speaking most people claim to have manifested very little. Results. Indeed, a quick glance at the results table suggest that the highest amount manifested was $299,000, although it's entirely possible that individuals didn't report the full amounts that they produced by doing this.

So what are we to learn from this, if anything?

I think first of all the thing that comes across for me is that manifestation of money using law of attraction is a process that does undoubtedly work, but I think that perhaps this was an ill-fated experiment, possibly even misguided.

It seems to me that one of the things that underpinned the experiment was the belief that actually people could manifest money in some way for other people, and that a disparate group of people who were not really connected could somehow work together more effectively than a group of people who knew each other intimately and perhaps were even working in the same room.

I think both of these assumptions are clearly wrong, and I would certainly never recommend that you form a disparate group of people to manifest something unless you really do (1) actually have a lot in common and (2) you can meet physically or at the very least by Skype or telephone contact on a regular basis.

Even that doesn't really allow for the fine level of attunement that I believe assists manifestation.

Indeed, the experiment doesn't really demonstrate that these people manifested anything, because the totals of money that people said they manifested was simply recorded without explanation as to how it arrived in their lives.

But, having said all of that, it's quite negative to criticize such an experiment in manifestation, and it's certainly negative to even begin to think that law of attraction wasn't working in this case! Who knows - it may well have been!

For we know that the law of attraction works all the time, regardless whether people believe in it or not (that is to say it works for people who do believe in it!)

I think the boundaries of this experiment very questionable, and somewhat unclear, and as a result of this, there's really no justification for quoting it as an example of manifestation in action.

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