I don't mean to say that manifestation is a magical process like believing in the tooth fairy or Father Christmas. And I don't mean that cynically or skeptically, I am just drawing a parallel, using a metaphor to illustrate an important point.

Whatever the reason our culture has adopted the idea that convincing children that Father Christmas is a real person who will leave them presents is a very good example of the power of belief. I suspect many children do still believe in Father Christmas, and they still believe that he leaves them presents.

To them that is an absolute fact, a complete reality, and if no presents appeared on Christmas morning then there would be a serious disruption in their belief system.

To the same extent it doesn't really matter what the law of attraction is, or how manifestation works: what matters is that you believe it actually functions.

Of course there is no Father Christmas or friend or relative leaving presents in a sock hanging on the end of the bed when you practice manifestation. Even so, the principle is the same - for the law of attraction to create a new reality for you, you have to have complete belief in this metaphysical process .

Definition of a Metaphysical Process

A metaphysical process really is one that goes beyond the bounds of what we understand and which no-one can explain with our conventional science. Extrasensory perception, telepathy, manifestation, and various other psychic phenomena are clear examples of metaphysical phenomena.

Now I don't mean to suggest that manifestation is a mysterious form of person-to-person communication, because I certainly don't believe it's anything the kind. What I think most of us would regard as reality (where manifestation is concerned) is something truly metaphysical.

Whether or not you believe we as individuals have free will, I think it's unavoidable for us individually and collectively to recognize that for every moment in our future, starting from every moment of the present, there are an infinite number of possible manifestations of physical reality.

But then the question arises as to what actually determines which of those physical possibilities comes into existence?

I think the answer to that is as follows: in general it's more or less a matter of chance that is to say, chance determined by the fact that most people's actions are fairly random and unfocused.

So then the question for me comes up: what if somebody was able to focus their thoughts and intentions so powerfully that they were able to flex or change or adapt or move them moment by moment to create new manifestation of physical reality in their world.

In other words, could it be that people actually have the power to shape the reality that manifests in their world in the future by the intention and energy that they send out into the cosmos right now?

Well, as you may well have imagined, the answer to that question in my opinion is an absolute, 100% certain yes.

As far as I can understand it there is no other obvious mechanism by which manifestation and the law of attraction could create physical realities that match people's desires goals and intentions.

(I suppose it's plainly possible that if we are living in a predestined world, then people's goals intentions and desired outcomes are already predetermined, and so is the manifestation of them. But I don't actually believe that we do live in a predetermined universe.

I think the expression of free will is seen as genuine when somebody sets an objective and visualizes it with intention and sends it out into the universe with sufficient energy to alter the future course of events in their life.)

So here we are then, in this amazing potential universe, where there are literally an infinite number of possibilities open to us in the future, and where every single one of us has the power to send intentional energy out into the universe and cause certain events to happen.

Does that not strike you as truly magnificent? Does that not strike you perhaps as the true meaning of human dignity? And does it not perhaps strike you also, that when we talk about life purpose, that expression could mean nothing more or less than our ability to manifest reality in a way that that suits our choosing?

Now I know these are hypothetical questions, but they are actually extremely important questions, because it's only by considering them that we can come to a philosophical place that allows us to rationalize the power that we seem to have in manifesting the reality of the world around us.

And they are are no small questions - they are questions of an existential dimension they are questions that absolutely go to the heart of the purpose of our existence on this planet, and to also to the heart of our existence as individuals.

They are questions that go to the heart of the meaning and purpose of life and each and everyone of us. They are questions that allow us to consider the nature of free will and predeterminism.

You see, if there is any real meaning to free will it must be that we have the power to shape our own destiny in the future. If we have the power to shape our own destiny, then we truly are people who need to be responsible individuals responsible, that is, for whatever we become, whatever we do, whatever we think, and however we act.

And that in turn for me raise some interesting moral questions. Human history has been full of the most evil dictators (where evil is a word that we use with a particular human meaning). Were those people acting out of some kind of predetermined position or were they exerting free will? It's an incredibly important moral question.

Now I'm going to leave the moral questions aside for the moment, because what I think most people do when they seek to understand manifestation is they seek to improve their material circumstances or their relationships. Moral questions somehow don't enter into it.

And that's fair enough, there's no reason why every decision we take should have a moral overtone. But if the product of free will and the ability to manifest reality can be as negative again, in human terms as positive, then we do have an individual responsibility to consider how we use this power.

That raises the very interesting question indeed of how people like Hitler and Stalin and Saddam Hussein were using their power to shape the future.

Could it be (get ready for a view I might say which contradicts most of the woo-woo brigade's thinking on the matter),  that actually manifestation is just as powerful in generating negative forces in the world as it is in generating positive forces?

To anyone who has studied the subject at any length, I'm afraid that this appears very clear indeed and actually perfectly obvious.

Now that may be great disappointment to you, because you may have had some romantic vision of the power of manifestation as something pure and wholesome given to us by God.

But the truth of the matter is that whether or not there is a God, it's reasonable to assume that s/he wants us to have free will and if s/he gives us free will then s/he gives us the power to create what we on earth would see as evil as well as good.

So although I said I was leaving aside the moral question, I have addressed it at some length.

The Moral Issues and Questions around Manifestation Are Entirely down to the Individual Person and to That Extent I Can't Possibly Set out a Moral Code for You to Abide by.

What I Want to Emphasize, However, Is the Fact That Manifestation Is Not Neutral in Earthly Terms, It's Either Positive or Negative. And Interestingly Enough at the Level at Which the Manifestation Actually Is Formed, in the Cosmic Energy of the Universe, It Is Neutral. In Other Words Manifestation Produces a Good or Bad Outcome for the Human Race, but the Universe Doesn't Care Which of These It Is.

Manifesting Money

Now I started this blog or website way back when with an assertion that most people who are manifesting will be trying to manifest money, and I actually think that that's probably true, so that's where I'm going to focus my interest and attention at the moment.

Steve Pavlina has written a great deal about manifesting money, and indeed a great deal about manifestation in general, but he has some very interesting things to say which give us an insight into the process of manifestation in many unexpected ways.

He set out on his blog a $1 million challenge which I think basically was to see if people reading his blog could manifest million dollars collectively.

I'm not actually sure that the results are current or up-to-date, but nonetheless on the page in question - find it here million dollar experiment - there's plenty of interesting material to read about manifestation and law of attraction.

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