Manifesting Sexual Relationships

Let's not get away from the fact that wanting a sexual relationship is perfectly normal and natural, and many people who start using techniques of manifestation do so specifically because they want to enjoy good sex with a loving partner.

It is perfectly acceptable, indeed, completely in tune with the universe's desires and wishes for you, that you should use natural processes like manifestation in accordance with the law of attraction to find a loving relationship which can sustain you through your life.

We are not meant to be solitary creatures: we are meant to be in loving partnership where we can grow and explore both ourselves and the meaning of relationship.

We are not meant to be subject to the shame that can be imposed on us by the people who bring us up, and who very often ruin our lives in ways that may be completely unintentional but devastating to the expression of our fullness as human beings later in life.

What this means in practice is this. I'm recommending that if you want to use the law of attraction and the principles of manifestation to establish a relationship that is free of sexual shame, and allows you to express your natural sexuality fully, then you should do so. Click here to find out how.

And of course, as always, the primary requirement for you to do this is to establish exactly what you want with great clarity.

Let's face it, sex is a massive aspect of any relationship, and you would be misguided not to take it into account when you're deciding what it is that you want in a relationship.

Your sexual tastes and preferences are absolutely essential, and they're so widespread and varied that there's no point you trying to force yourself into relationship way are not going to have your deepest wishes and desires met.

Ranging all the way from vanilla sex to out-and-out BDSM, from voyeurism to complete shyness, all our sexual needs are different, yet every single thing that you can imagine has certainly been imagined and acted out by somebody before you.

The essence of what I'm saying here is simple encouragement: encouragement to find your truth, to find your sexual truth, define what it is that would make you and your heart sing with joy, and then to go after it, with complete commitment and full-bodied acceptance of the principles that lie behind the Law of attraction.

You see, this is all about an energetic communication between you and the universe.

If you communicate to the universe exactly what it is that you require in a clear and energetically clean fashion, the universe is bound to respond by producing opportunities for you to manifest that reality in the physical world.

You will see,  of course, that the first thing you actually have to obtain is clarity around what you want, and that can be difficult - particularly for people who haven't actually been brought up to know that they have rights and wishes and desires that they can express and expect to be fulfilled.

So first and foremost find out what it is that you want.

You may wish to manifest sexual healing, or to overcome problems like premature or delayed ejaculation treatment, or erectile dysfunction. Women may wish to manifest a better sex life, less tension, to overcome anorgasmia, and so on.

What Do You Want To Manifest In Your Sex Life?

And to this end, I might add that it's highly respectful for you to learn some sexual techniques which can ensure that both you and your partner gain the greatest possible sexual pleasure from your relationship.

Indeed, if it's a man, is your responsibility to ensure that you know how to take a woman to orgasm. If you're a woman, it's your responsibility to ensure that you know how to pleasure your man, in return for which you can expect him to dedicate attention and affection and an intimate relationship to you.

Yet neither of these things will happen without cooperation and good intention so I also highly recommend Tantric sex as a way of becoming more familiar with your own sexual expression and sexual nature.

Don't misunderstand me, I'm not promoting the idea of free sex or free love what I'm promoting is the idea of commitment and responsibility within a relationship, where each partner makes sure that they know the techniques that will bring their "other half" to orgasm most quickly and pleasurably and in the most fulfilling way.

Make no mistake about it, either: orgasm is the cement of a sexual relationship but it isn't enough on its own you need to ensure that both clitoral and G spot orgasms are available for the woman, you need to understand the difference between them, and you need to know how to induce them.

So always be precise about the details of the sexual relationship that you want to obtain by manifestation.

Be precise about the details of the partner whom you want. Be precise about every single thing that you believe is necessary for you to achieve complete happiness the more detailed your image, the more conviction it will have for you, the more conviction it has for you, the more likely you are to be up to manifest it by using the techniques of manifestation and the the universal Law of attraction.

Having said that, of course, it's all very well for me to say these things in theory. But for you to go out there and practice them well, that can often be much harder. But you must put into practice these ideas rather than merely  describe them in theory.

And that's particularly true around sex, where many of us have been brought up to expect failure, disappointment, or compromise.

Yet the reality of the matter is this: there is no need to compromise, no need to be disappointed. Nor is there any need to expect disappointment provided you're clear about what it is you intend to manifest in your life, provided that you're completely capable of believing (with certainty) that what you think about will come into your life, then the universe is almost duty-bound to give it to you.

You see, when you set a conscious and clear intention, and when you carry an image of what you want around with you in your mind, the universe is going to give you opportunities galore to manifest it.

And that's when you need to use the techniques of manifestation correctly to ensure that it does come into your life in a process that is known variously as manifestation, wish fulfillment, conscious creation, and co-creation.

These are all wonderful terms for the same process that of exerting your will on the universe, which is duty-bound to respond to you when you set out with clarity of intention and clear conviction what it is that you want.

Make sure, however, that you are an expert at sexual techniques and make sure you enjoy the pleasure that intercourse can give you and your partner....

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